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Cash For Junk Cars Mesa AZ

Junk Car Boys is a company located in Vancouver, WA and is now one of the largest junk car buyers in the nation.  This company started off as an idea, shortly after that became a reality.  It is amazing what you can do with an idea and some elbow grease.  The company has flourished in many ways and people now know the Junk Car Boys to be the best place to junk their vehicles.  We take any car, truck and/or van, running or not. Don’t be afraid to give us a call when your car starts having problems, we will get you a quote you can be happy with and get you set up with a pick up time that works for you.

We have been blessed in many different areas of our business and we love to bless others in the process.  The company originated in Brush Prairie, WA and is now one of the largest nationwide companies in the US.  The company was started by two brother’s and is still a family owned business today.  Starting only with a regular tow dolly and the desire to be successful, Joel Hahn pursued his passion of wanting to be a self employed business owner.  He had many ups and downs, but overall came out on top and the company as you see us now has been built solely with the customer’s in mind.  We as a company have seen many customer’s in our lifetime of running this business and with every customer comes a new adventure, a new member of the family.  We like to treat our customer’s the way they deserve; with respect.

The #1 thing we stress in the office is “customer service.” Let me ask you a question, if your car broke down on the side of the road who would you want to call? Do you care about the way you are treated when you call somewhere? You don’t have to worry about being mistreated when you call us.  When people decide to give us a call, they are pleasantly surprised by the way that they are treated, because compared to the other guys who don’t really care about the way they treat you, we are a breath of fresh air.

Obviously the only way to test a theory is to give it a try.  As of right now everything thing that you are hearing about us, is me telling you.  The only way to truly find out is to give us a call right now and once you do, you can leave us a comment on our Facebook page about how your experience was.  Give us a call right now, so that we can prove to you that we are more than a junk car buyer, we are also your friends.

Thank You So Much!

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