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Cash For Cars Mesa, AZ

Cash For Cars Mesa AZ

If you are looking around our website to get a quick and easy quote you are in luck! We offer many different ways to get in contact with us.  We have also made the process very simple and easy so that you don’t have a hard time trying to figure out what page you have to go to next just to get the number, everything is right in front of you.  Usually getting a quote doesn’t take any longer than a couple of minutes and if you have time to spare you can give us call so that we can get you a price you can be happy with.

There are a couple of different ways you can receive a quote, one is by calling us on the phone and talking to one of our professional car buyers.  The other way is buy sending us an online form and once you do, one of our friendly buyers will be contacting you whichever way you chose, via phone email or text to get you a quote immediately for your vehicle.  To be honest with you, calling us would be your best bet, because why wouldn’t you want to talk to one of us on the phone, that just sounds crazy to me.

Once our buyer gives you your quote, we can get you set up with a time that works for you, by getting you connected with our dispatcher.  When you and our dispatch have agreed on a time, he will show up with the amount of money agreed upon over the phone.  We don’t hassle with you and we don’t change the price on you once we show up. Our quotes are guaranteed and whatever we tell you over the phone is what we are going to pay when our driver get’s to your location.  Our driver will walk you through filling out a couple of documents and then we will pick up your vehicle and tow it away out of sight.  The great thing is your vehicle will be out of your hair and you can be happy with some extra money in your pocket.

We do offer great customer service, but like I said earlier, you have to give us try before you make that judgement for yourself.  The smartest thing you can do if you are calling around, is to make sure that whoever your calling guarantees their quotes.  Some companies will offer high quotes over the phone and then when they show will pick apart the car and tell the customer that it is missing parts or their catalytic is aftermarket and they use this technique because it works and once it happens to somebody they assume that all junk car places are like that, but they aren’t.  We are one of the more honest companies out there that will guarantee their quotes and will always pay you what you were quoted over the phone.  We will take you vehicle sight unseen just as long as it is what you say.

If you are looking to junk your car, give us a call now!


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